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November 30th 2012: The 5th Meeting of the Syrian People International Working Group on Sanctions

Dr. Khalil Hassan, The Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Bahrain attended the 5th meeting of the Syrian people International Working Group on Sanction, which was hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan represented by Mr. Makio Miyagawa, Director-General of Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau. The meeting was held in Asia for the first time in a series of the meetings of Sanctions Working Group. The meeting was convened as a part of efforts by the international community toward stopping the violence in Syria, and the discussion of the meeting focused on improving the effectiveness of the sanctions implemented by the like-minded countries, including Japan and Western countries, and on broadening the horizon of countries participating in the sanctions.?International community strongly hoped that the Syrian regime will respond promptly to the call by the international community including to stop the violence against its own people. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries each committed support of 3 million dollars to Syria.