Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Japan

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May 17, 2010 Green Innovation JST Symposium Held

Green Innovation JST Symposium, organized by Japan Science and Technology Agency, was held at U Thant Hall, United Nations University, Tokyo.

The speakers of the symposium included H.E. Mr. Masaharu NAKAGAWA, Senior Vice-Minister, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology, Mr. Chan-Mo PARK, President, National Research Foundation of South Korea, Mr. Juan Carlos Romero-Hicks, Director-General, National Council on Science and Technology, Dr. Hiroshi KOMIYAMA, Director-General, Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy, President Emeritus, the University of Tokyo, Mr. Minghong HE, Vice President, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Mr. Philippe Freyssinet, Head of Energy and Environment Department in France, Mr. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Vice President , Deutsche Forschungsgeminschaft, Mr. Jonas Brandstorm, Chief Strategic Officer, Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems, Ms. Catherine Coates, Director for Business Innovation , Engineerig and Phusical Sciences Research Council, Ms. Machi Dilworth, Director , National Science Foundation , Tokyo Regional Office, Mr. Koichi KITAZAWA, President , Japan Science and Techonlolgy Agency.

From the Embassy, Mr. Ahmed Al-Teraifi, Third Secretary, joined the symposium to discuss the international challenge for promoting green innovation to realize a low carbon society worldwide.